General Terms & Conditions

1. The agreement is between HAVANA GATEWAY SDN. BHD. (1087182-M) (later referred as Drive.MY Malaysia), and The Renter, to rent the selected vehicle from site. This is to confirm that you have read, understood and accepted this Terms and Conditions.

2. Rates specified are for a minimum of 24 hours rental time.
3. Drive.MY Malaysia reserved the right to forward renter’s detail to CTOS if the renter did not fully paid any outstanding amount such as additional rental day(s), petrol / fuel penalty, excess charges, summons / fines and other miscellaneous charges if any upon returning of vehicle. An administration fee of 10% from the outstanding amount will be billed to the renter on monthly basis until it is fully paid.

Terms of Payment and Charges

4. The renter agrees to pay :

4.1 The booking deposit, and other additional add on (if any) upon completion the online booking thru the website.
4.2 The booking / security deposit of MYR200 / MYR250 / MYR300 / MYR400 / MYR500 / MYR600 (which ever apply base on model), and will be kept for maximum 14 days after returning the vehicle, and will be reimbursed if no damage or summons / fines and other miscellaneous charges if any.
4.3 The full balance of the billed amount sent to the renter’s email upon collection of the vehicle.

5. No refunds, either in part or in full will be made for unused rental period.

Risk Protection

6. The rental rates include full indemnity for accidental damage to third party property and bodily injuries.

7. In the event of any damage to the rental vehicle by the renter, irregardless of whether renter is at fault or not, the renter is always liable for an amount equivalent to the excess clause not exceed for Group A (MYR2,500), Group B (MYR3,500), Group C (MYR5,000), Group D (MYR10,000), Group E (MYR15,000), Group F (MYR20,000) and Group G (MYR15,000). However, with the optional coverage of CDW & SCDW, Drive.MY Malaysia shall be entitled to charge the renter up to a maximum excess fee as per the vehicle group each time the vehicle is damaged, irregardless of whether the renter is at fault or not (refer clause 8).

Excess Clause

8. Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and Super Collision Damage Waiver (SCDW) :

8.1. CDW & SCDW are optional to be included in the rental rates. If purchased by the renter, and in the event the renter sustains damage to Venture Rentals’s vehicle, the renter liable to pay the reduced excess clause as per below :
8.1.1. CDW Excess : Group A (MYR1,000), Group B (MYR1,500), Group C (MYR2,500), Group D (MYR3,500), Group E (MYR5,000), Group F (MYR10,000) and Group G (MYR5,000).
8.1.2. SCDW Excess : Group A, B, C, D, E, F & G = (MYR0).

*Notwithstanding to the above CDW & SCDW shall not cover the following events:

  1. The renter did not immediately within 3 hours informed Venture Rentals of any accident / incident.
  2. After being consult by Drive.MY Malaysia, a police report is not lodged within 24 hours, from the time of accident / incident of the vehicle.
  3. The renter is in breach of the terms and conditions of the Rental Agreement.
  4. Loss items, accessories, and any damage claims arise out of drunkenness and / or drug intoxication driver.
  5. Where damage is caused intentionally, or due to gross negligence of the renter or an unauthorized driver.

Renter Responsibilities

9. The renter agrees in the case of accident during the term of rental to

9.1 Obtaining the name and the addresses of the parties involved and of witness.
9.2 Not abandoning the said vehicle without adequate provisions for safeguarding and securing the vehicle.
9.3 Giving a detailed report, even in the case of slight damage within 24 hours by going to Venture Rentals station being advised by us or by contacting our central helpline at +6018 907 1322.
9.4 Always making it mandatory to contact our helpline and make a police report of the incident immediately as per advised by us.

10. The said vehicle shall not be operated :
10.1 In motor sports events, including racing, rallying and speed testing (out of normal vehicle usage).
10.2 In off road conditions or at the test / race track.
10.3 By any person under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
10.4 For any crime purpose activities.
10.5 In any way dangerous and disobeying the road and transport safety regulation act and illegally parked or abandoned the vehicle.
10.6 Outside Malaysian territory by crossing the border to other countries without prior engagement and approval from Drive.MY Malaysia.

11. Drive.MY Malaysia or it partners reserve the right to withdraw the vehicle from the renter without prior demand and terminate this contract. Strictly no refund will be made and an additional charges might apply. If in our opinion or found out that the renter had breach all the term under clause 10.

12. The renter will be responsible for repair / replacement charges due to damage caused by negligence such as punctures and burst tire, malfunction battery due negligence.

13. Interior Cleaning :

13.1 The renter is liable for all interior upholstery if vehicle is returned with dirtied interiors. The renter is also liable for all interior and exterior damages and / or defects caused which do not fall within the normal usage of the vehicle.
13.2 The renter is not allowed to carry goods with unpleasant odour such as durian, salted fish etc. The renter will be responsible to pay all cost of removing odours, including air conditioning service and loss of rental days to Drive.MY Malaysia.

14. Interior Damages :
14.1 The renter is liable for all damages to the instruments, knobs and fitting in the vehicle.

15. Lost or Broken of Parts or Accessories :
15.1 The renter is liable for all missing, stolen or broken parts during the rental period of vehicle returns unless the rental vehicle is damaged at the same time during an accident. For example: Baby seat, GPS Navigator, Spare Tires, Rims, Tools & Jacks, Lamp, Audio Set, Gear Lock, Lighter, Wiper, Switch & Control Button, Mats, Rear View Mirror and Side View Mirror, Sun Visor, Head Rest and etc. Lost or damage of the above supplementary parts or accessories will be the responsibility of the renter.

16. Loss of Vehicle keys / Duplicate of Vehicle Keys :
16.1 The renter is liable for all replacement cost which includes a new set of keys and security system and or whatever items pertaining to the loss of vehicle keys and vehicle alarm system.

17. Loss of Belongings :
17.1 Drive.MY Malaysia is not liable for any missing, broken, stolen of the renter’s belongings during the rental period or upon returning the vehicle. The renter is advisable to check and remove all their valuable belongings during returning of the vehicle.


18. Same-To-Same fuel policy applied by Drive.MY Malaysia to all our rental vehicles. A refueling surcharge will be levied for the rental vehicle returned with less fuel than when originally rented out, over and above the cost of refueling. It’s applying the same to the replacement vehicle. Please check with the Drive.MY Malaysia’s representative on the charges upon pick up of vehicle.

Extension of Rental

19. Should you wish to extend your rental beyond the original termination date, it is important that the Drive.MY Malaysia be advised immediately and the required advance paid so that insurance cover is extended. Failure to do so may mean the Renter is driving the vehicle without insurance. Any additional hour would be charged as 1 day full rental if the car returned beyond the 3 hours grace period.

20. An automatic reminder might be sent to the renter between 24 to 12 hours before end of rental. And the renter responsibility is to response to the reminder accordingly, failure to do so after end of rental time, the system might shut down the vehicle without prior notice. And the renter will be charge for any additional cost occurs on acquiring back the vehicle by Drive.MY Malaysia.

Vehicle Condition

21. Upon return, the car has to be in the same condition as when it was rented. Failing which, the renter will be liable for the cost of restoring the vehicle to its original condition. Please check the vehicle condition with Drive.MY Malaysia’s representative and ensure the dents / scratches are noted in the vehicle video recording procedure to avoid dispute.

Additional Drivers

22. The rental vehicle is normally only insured for the person who makes the rental. If others plan to drive the car, they must be present at time of rental to be added to the Rental Agreement, subject to presenting a full driver’s license that has been held for at least one year. There is a fee to cover insurance for each additional driver over the duration of the rental. All additional drivers have to be registered at time of rental and must meet Drive.MY Malaysia’s qualification standard.


23. A surcharge of MYR50 per way would be levied for delivery and returning of vehicles after operational hours, for all locations nationwide. Our operational hours is from 9:00am to 11:00pm.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

24. Free of Charge for cancellations made, 72 hours before the rental start date, by emailing us.

25. We’ll notify the transaction of refund through email. Amount will be credited to customer’s credit card / account within 3 working days.

26. Cancellations less than 72 hours incur a non-refundable. No Refund is made for a No Show or failure to produce the correct documentation (voucher, driving licence/s, credit card etc.).